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I am a Photographer, Videographer and Strategist based in New York City.

Growing up with a camera in my hand since the age of 13, I started out my career at 14 when I built a local entertainment and video production based business with my cousin. After high school I attended Rutgers University where I joined the Hurricane Productions team as a staff Photographer and Videographer, and have been shooting freelance for them ever since.

After college I spent 7+ years working at advertising agencies The 7th Chamber, Ogilvy & Mather and VaynerMedia. At The 7th Chamber I helped develop a social media product that delivered video views to branded content through social media for our clients. At Ogilvy I led Digital Strategy for IBM, and VaynerMedia I led teams from the Account and Strategy side for various clients such as Diageo, Scotts, The Shed, and more.

I decided to pursue developing content full-time in 2019 to focus down on partnering strategically and creatively with brands and artists that align to my personal interests.

Combining my experience in paid media, client services, community building, strategy and creative, I am able to flex my skillsets based on client needs and objectives to deliver content in a fast and affordable way.

My goal is to bridge the gap between individual content creators (influencers) and agencies, helping lifestyle companies and artists build their brands through authentic content that has strong strategic relevance. When I take on clients, I make sure we have similar values, interests and vision so that I can act as a creative and strategic partner, not just a one-off photographer or videographer.

A few of my favorite things are travel, hot sauce, dance music and extreme sports. One of my missions is to inspire more kids to pick up a camera and create. Let’s connect!



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